Your Guide to Key West Museums

Key West, Florida, attracts beach lovers, water & eco adventurers, foodies & nightlife enthusiasts, and seekers of spectacular sunsets. Visitors can also discover a confluence of history, art, and culture at our museums. Stay with Rent Key West Vacations and enjoy easy access to Key West’s museums.

Discover Key West Art, Architecture & History

Explore Key West Maritime Museums

Key West, located between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, has a rich maritime history which can be discovered at one of these museums:

Learn About Famous Key Westers

Key West has attracted presidents, artists, and authors. Visit their historic homes:

  • The Hemingway Home & Museum: is filled with photos, books, and antiques. Greet the six-toed cats and view the swimming pool, which was an extraordinarily rare construction feat and luxury in 1930s Key West.
  • Truman’s Little White House: is Florida’s only Presidential Museum and was known as the Winter White House from 1946-‘52.  Constructed in 1890 as naval officers’ housing, it features artwork, photographs, antiques, and artifacts.
  • Tennessee Williams Museum: offers a collection of the great American playwright’s original works, photos, and memorabilia.   
  • Meet Robert the Doll at Fort East Martello Museum: Once you have paid homage to Key West’s most renowned “haunted” resident, you are entitled to blame all of your vacation shenanigans on Robert!  The museum offers art, history, and an expansive view of Key West and the ocean from the fort’s tower.

Stay in Our Key West Vacation Rentals

Discover history, art & architecture, and famous residents at one of Key West’s museums. Whether you want to stay in the heart of the old town historic district or near the beach, we have a property that is perfect for you and close to everything Key West has to offer!