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We’re Key West real estate experts. In addition to being one of the longest standing property management companies on the island, we’re also real estate brokers who love connecting people with both commercial and residential real estate on Key West. We invite you to find your dream home with Beach Club Brokers.

About Rent Key West Vacations

Principal Broker at Beach Club Brokers

Paul Hayes, the owner of Rent Key West Vacations, is also the Principal Broker at Beach Club Brokers. With over 30 years of real estate experience, Paul uses his expertise in Key West property management to help homeowners maximize the value of their investment. Beach Club Brokers shares their office with Rent Key West. Both businesses work closely together to discover the best real estate opportunities on Key West.


Find Your Place in Paradise with Paul
Mobile Phone: 305.587.6767
Office Phone: 305.294.8433
Toll-Free: 800.545.9655
Fax: 305.294.0786

Special Key West Real Estate Opportunities

Key West is famous for its special real estate opportunities. On our unique island, you’ll discover historic architecture, beachfront condos, and luxury homes with pools. With its many different neighborhoods, Key West has a variety of styles to fit your tastes. It’s a great time to invest in paradise.

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