How Vacation Rentals Can Save You Money

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere, you know that the economy is serving up less than favorable conditions for everyone. Consumers are spending less and businesses are looking for creative ways to cut costs. The good news is, even under less than ideal economic circumstances, you can still afford a great Key West vacation rental. Keep reading to see our ideas and suggestions for receiving greatest value for your vacation dollar.

Save on baggage fees – With airline baggage fees increasing across the board, it’s becoming more and more expensive to fly. Here’s a cost-saving idea: send a package with your vacation essentials to us. FedEx ground ships suitcases often at cheaper prices than the baggage charge by the airline. We’ll deliver the package to your Key West vacation rental on the day of your check in. It costs less and is less hassle. Arrive with your belongings safely secured rather than lugging them around town.

Bring less – All Rent Key West vacation rentals have washer and dryers available to you! Which means you can pack less! We’re no fashion experts, but two pairs of shorts and a few shirts can create several outfit combinations! Wash one load of laundry mid-trip to create double the outfit choices.

Cook at “home”- Chances are, you’re in the vacation mode and want to sleep in. Don’t rush out for breakfast! Stop by one of Key West’s grocery stores to pickup breakfast and lunch essentials and make them at home. You’ll save more money to spend on your nightly outings. Try baking an oven omelet with a few eggs and veggies as ingredients; it will last you several days!

Don’t sell yourself short of having a terrific vacation! A few creative ideas can help save a few pennies without compromising your outcome. Rent a Key West vacation rental today and still afford the getaway you deserve.