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Key West, with tons of seafood and international dining options, is a foodie paradise. Many people come to Key West, just to enjoy our awesome bars and restaurants. Key West has many famous spots that have been around for years, and there are new places opening up all the time. From classic restaurants built into old Victorian buildings to new sushi spots, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite places to eat on Key West. The perfect meal is just a few clicks away.

Find Key West’s top Restaurants!

2 Cents is a restaurant and pub with good food, craft cocktails, good beer, good wine and good friends.

(305) 414-8626

Like all beloved places, Key West has touchstones people head to when they come “home”. Antonia’s, since 1979, is one.


Restaurants are like recipes—created through endless tastings, feedback, and passion. Azur is the finely tuned recipe of lifelong friends and fellow travelers Michael Mosi and Dr